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Due to recent changes in a national policy to control and regulate narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, we would like to inform our patients of the new policy.

In general, we will attempt to fill prescription refill requests within 2 business days. Business days are Monday through Friday. Requests for refills may be given to the practice in the following ways:

1.  Contact your pharmacy for a refill. If there are no refills on file they will send our office a request by fax 208-377-3147.
2.  Asking for prescription refill during an appointment with your physician.

3.  By telephone call, either to a staff member or in voice mail

Be sure to tell the Medical Assistant who brings you into the office for your visit if you need prescriptions before you see the doctor.

Please allow adequate time to ask for your refills before you run out of medicine. You are required to have regular follow up visits when being prescribed medications.

Patients are also encouraged to check their prescription bottles carefully to ensure that the prescription reads just like their previous prescription.


Many of our patients require strong narcotic pain medication to help manage their condition. With this new policy we have established a Pain Protocol to ensure adequate treatment of your pain, and reduce the risk of problems with narcotic drug prescriptions.

  • The physician will evaluate your condition and only prescribe a narcotic of the strength necessary for you. This may be different than what another physician may have given you in the past.

  • You will be required to sign a Pain Contract that will detail our responsibility and your responsibility to continue on narcotics.

  • We will not fill narcotic prescriptions on weekends or after 2pm on Fridays.

  • Narcotics will not be filled by our on call physicians after normal business hours.

  • Please advise us ahead of time (at least three business days) if you will need a new written prescription.

  • We will not refill any controlled substance prescriptions that have been lost or stolen. Safeguarding your medication is your responsibility.

We have many alternatives to help painful conditions. Please speak with your doctor if you have any questions or concerns about our Prescribing Policy.

Boise Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Clinic

Phone:  (208) 377-3435  |  Fax:  (208) 377-3147  |  1000 North Curtis Road, Suite 202,  Boise, ID 83706  |  Map / Directions